Ponds In A Xeriscape Garden?
     It's hard to imagine that something that holds water doesn't really use very much water, but it's true. 
      In our semi-arid Colorado climate water is a constant concern, with recent drought conditions many residents are afraid to include a pond in their landscape.  After all, ponds need a lot of water, right?  WRONG.  Ponds, after the initial filling, require half as much water as the same area of sod and are much more environmentally conscious.
     Ponds provide a vital water supply for birds and other wildlife.  They don't require pesticides or chemical fertilizers that can be harmful to the environment and a pond can be peaceful and relaxing, who ever said that about a sod lawn?
     A pond can be very compatible with xeriscape plantings, it's just a matter of wise water useage and putting a valuable commodity where it will do the most good.  
Tips For Water Saving Ponds
1.  Put all waterfalls and fountains on timers so they only run when you're home to enjoy them.
2.  Install air pumps for fish aeration and increased health of the ecosystem..
3.  Disconnect auto-refill devices so you are aware of water usage.  With auto-refilling it's impossible to know how much water the pond is using until you get your water bill
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 a P.R. Landscape Co. specializes in creating gardens that make the best use of water resources.  We are experienced designers and builders of low water landscapes.  Using water as a focal point in the garden and complimenting it with a variety of xeriscape plants allows us to have the best of both worlds.
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